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Cimbria Complete

Cimbria Complete™

Our process is designed with our customers at the core. From vision to reality and beyond, our team stays connected with yours.

About Cimbria


Cimbria is one of the world’s leading companies within industrial processing, handling and storage of grain and seed, as well as animal feed, foodstuffs and other bulk products.,sex toy shop names

Control and Automation

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Cimbria automation systems can help you maintain quality, increase efficiency and improve profitability.

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adult novelty items,Many grain processing plants and silo storages need to use computer-based controls for managing input, output, flow, automated temperature control and production processes, etc.

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Unitest 5G
The Unitest 5G is a fully-automatic system for the monitoring of temperature in grain and other crops or woodchips. The system can be used in all types of grain storage facilities and can be installed in both new and existing installations.

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24/7 monitoring and automated management.
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Engineered strong and designed to meet your needs.
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Tailor made silo plants for optimum storage and handling of grain in steel or concrete silos or in flat storage
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High capacity, high quality and cost-effective equipment for feed milling.
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Market-leading experts in plant design for ear corn drying and processing from reception to packaging of seeds for planting.
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50 years of experience of designing seed processing plants has resulted in a world-leading position for Cimbria.
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At Cimbria, we design, develop, manufacture and install custom-built solutions, from complete processing lines to large turnkey projects with highly advanced automation and management information systems.,jail sex toy

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